John Pout, Rainhill High School, Prescott

“I am writing in praise of the ADHD Foundation. They are a first class organisation, with excellent leaders and staff who have made a significant and fundamental impact on the service we provide for our students who have ADHD and their families. They have provided bespoke training for all of our teachers, which has established a significant level of understanding. Their training also provided a number of strategies to use. In addition, they have worked with our Special Educational Needs team, to provide specific strategies to maximise the educational achievement of identified students.

The trainers were positive, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, down to earth and helpful. The training was delivered in a manner that felt bespoke to its recipients. Several described it as ‘the best and most helpful training I have ever had’. Staff also attended the educational elements of the ADHD National Conference describing it as ‘superb’. I would recommend the ADHD Foundation to anyone who wants to find out more, who has to manage and work with children, or adults with ADHD. Their work is first class.”

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