“Thank you so much for such an excellent course in Bristol. It was one of the very best courses I have been on about SEND.”

Emma Rossiter, Rowdeford School, Bristol

“Thank you so much for all of this. While the Qb test results themselves are a little indecipherable at first, the report is such an amazingly useful document for me. In particular the part where you talk about my autism/general intelligence “masking” some of my ADHD traits, I think the way you phrased in the report such a great summary of how my traits interact with one another! It’s so incredibly validating to see all of this in black and white, and I’m ever so grateful for the detail you’ve put into these two documents, thank you so much! I will look forward to looking further into this, both with my diagnosis and with online resources. This is a major breakthrough moment for me. Thanks again!”

Arthur Guisan, QB Client

“The ADHD Foundation is growing its services locally, nationally and internationally. As a social business it exemplifies what can be achieved through being a mission and values-focused business. Its commitment to service users and their families is outstanding. Its leadership in the field of neurodiversity has been driven by research and innovation, working at scale and sharing best practice. We are delighted to welcome it to 54 St James Street where we are sure it will take the next steps in its growth and development, and we will be here to support in any way we can.”

Maggie O’Carroll, The Women’s Organisation

“Training by the ADHD Foundation was absolutely fantastic: very well prepared, engaging, interactive and clearly very passionate. Every single person felt inspired, learnt something new and thoroughly enjoyed their day. Not an easy task when it’s the first day back and people still want to be on their Christmas holidays!”

Tracy Soccorsy, St Julian’s Church School, Bath

“I am writing in praise of the ADHD Foundation. They are a first class organisation, with excellent leaders and staff who have made a significant and fundamental impact on the service we provide for our students who have ADHD and their families. They have provided bespoke training for all of our teachers, which has established a significant level of understanding. Their training also provided a number of strategies to use. In addition, they have worked with our Special Educational Needs team, to provide specific strategies to maximise the educational achievement of identified students.

The trainers were positive, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, down to earth and helpful. The training was delivered in a manner that felt bespoke to its recipients. Several described it as ‘the best and most helpful training I have ever had’. Staff also attended the educational elements of the ADHD National Conference describing it as ‘superb’. I would recommend the ADHD Foundation to anyone who wants to find out more, who has to manage and work with children, or adults with ADHD. Their work is first class.”

John Pout, Rainhill High School, Prescott

“I wanted to say what an amazing day I had at the ADHD conference. I came away totally inspired and want – more than ever – to help our students succeed.”

Susan Barrington, Colne Valley High School, Huddersfield

“The course, led by Colin, was absolutely fantastic. I’m doing as much follow up reading as I can from the texts you mentioned before I speak to the my staff in detail about the topic. That was honestly the most valuable course I’ve been on in some time, extremely worthwhile, so thank you.

Anna Gordon, Larkhall Academy, Glasgow

“Thank you for the work you have done at our school this year. When asked as part of another training course, what was the most profound CPD I had received this year was, it was your training that sprang to mind. The practical activities in your sessions really enabled me as a professional to understand a little more what it must be like for the children who have SPLD (especially Tourettes) and have really made me reflect on my practice and how I approach things for all children.”

Anna Sawyer, Marshside Primary School, Southport

“Thank you for such a positive and useful training day yesterday. The staff were hugely positive about the day and came away with more knowledge and awareness and some practical ideas. Indeed, what I thought was so successful was that you passed on a significant amount of information without making us feel overwhelmed and several people have already talked about some simple and practical things that they will do differently.”

Matthew Way, Milton Abbey School, Dorset

“I can’t thank the ADHD Foundation enough. I appreciate it so much and I know your advice and ideas will inspire the teachers at a school which already has a really good reputation for understanding children who need support and different ways of learning.”

Rory Bremner, Milton Abbey School, Dorset

“Thank you so much for the training. All of the Learner Assistants that I work with found it very useful. The way you explained ADHD came over so meaningful and I am sure we all took away a much better understanding on supporting students with ADHD needs.”

Valerie Fox, Sussex

“Thank you again to ADHD Foundation for your training session. There was a lot of positive feedback from staff and I know everyone gained a great deal. You struck the right balance between knowledge, practical strategies and providing much ‘food for thought’ moving forward. It was a perfect start to the new academic year!”

Corinna Tyson, Grappenhall Heys Community Primary School, Warrington

“Everyone was so enthusiastic about it and motivated to support their learners. Thanks for making it such fun too, lots of people commented how that they hardly looked at the time all day – that’s the sign of a good day’s training!”

Karen Mace, St Francis C of E Primary School, Swindon

“The in-service training on ADHD was so informative and I left feeling much more confident to try to support pupils (and families) with their issues. I think that it is training which would be relevant for all teachers to attend and was certainly one of the most useful sessions that I have attended, during my 22 years as a teacher, in terms of informing my practice.”

Eleanor McIlraith, Banchory Academy

“Thank you again for such an inspiring day today. You gave us a brilliant insight into the nature of ADHD and the challenges faced by those who live with it. I know that, as a staff, we feel more confident in working with these children and have lots of strategies and approaches to try out to support them.”

Abigail Roberts, Melbourn Primary School, Cambridgeshire

“Your training session has been one of the most powerful I have attended for making changes to my own practice, it really has had a huge impact. I have to add that I have become more and more interested in this area since attending the training and I believe it may well be a route I will investigate further in years to come as I develop my career.”

Alyson Young, Fishermoss School, Aberdeenshire

“The training was tailored to the needs of our school and was extremely practical and very informative.”

Michelle Hickey,Hatton Hill Primary School, Sefton

“I recently attended Colin’s training in Oldham. I found it fascinating and extremely helpful – it has made a great difference to my role and my confidence in explaining children’s behaviours and in supporting teachers with planning for them. The parents and teachers that I have had meetings with following the course have also been very grateful.”

Gillian Hallworth, Hodge Clough Primary School, Oldham

“This course, led by Colin, was brilliant and one of the best I have ever been on. It was quick and informative and gave me loads of ideas and a better understanding of ADHD and inspired me to think of more positive ways of approaching children with ADHD.”

Donna Hindle, Park Primary School, Lancashire

“I have been a SENCO for over 10 years and I have to say it was one of the most beneficial courses I have ever attended. Colin was an excellent facilitator and really interesting to listen to. I already feel it will have an enormous impact on my practice, and therefore the staff and children. I hope you may be able to have another follow up training at some point in the future as I feel there was still lots to discuss. I feel it would be incredibly beneficial for more staff to hear Colin speak.

Gaynor Bray, Hordon on the Hill Primary School, Essex

“I had the great pleasure of attending a conference in Liverpool sponsored by the ADHD Foundation, Britain’s leading organization dedicated to neurodiversity, which of course includes ADHD and dyslexia, both of which I have myself. I was thrilled to see the enormous progress the Brits have made on this front. Now, under the dynamic leadership of Tony Lloyd and the great team he’s put together, the foundation offers screening, testing, and treatment, as well as massive public education, symbolized by the Umbrella campaign. It was wonderful to look up and see these multi-colored umbrellas, hanging like Mary Poppins’s favorite form of transport should do, symbolizing triumph, joy, freedom and creativity for all the world to share. Freedom at last for the tens of millions who’ve been shackled by misunderstanding, ignorance, and stigma for centuries.”

Ned Hallowell, Leading U.S ADHD Specialist

“Thanks for the training today. I now feel much more informed and can’t wait to make a start. Hearing the Science behind the actual condition was an eye opener and Colin is clearly very passionate about supporting young people with ADHD and other Neurological conditions.”

Heather Morley, Pontville School, Lancashire

“This was a brilliant, fast paced training session that engaged all staff at the school regardless of job roles.  Colin was great at adapting the training for the needs of the school and balances theory with real life application and practical activities.  I would highly recommend this training to other schools and we look forward to continuing to work with Colin and the ADHD foundation.”

Simon Mead, Queensmead House School, Windsor

“The training sessions delivered by both Dr Tony Lloyd and Colin Foley were excellent. The training was personalised to our needs and was pitched at the right level for the varied experiences within the diverse audience. Both presenters were clear in their delivery and true experts in their field. The theory was delivered in an interesting and engaging way and many practical strategies were given that we can now put into practice to support our pupils in our setting. I would recommend this superb training to any setting who wishes to deepen their knowledge in the areas of Autism and Disability Discrimination.”

Debbie Lodge, Broughton Hall Catholic High School, Liverpool

“I would like to say what a fantastic speaker Colin was. I have learnt so much that I will take back to use in my classroom as a Teaching Assistant and as a mum of a son who is diagnosed ADHD, ASD & Tourette’s Syndrome. It has helped me so much, I could have listened to Colin all night.

Shropshire Patoss, Shropshire

“That was immense, so much knowledge, wisdom and passion. We are so grateful for your time and getting up so early to facilitate our learning. You also made it incredibly accessible for our staff this evening. Thank you for all the strategies – it is wonderful to attend a course with real classroom practical solutions. Neurodiversity has yet to become a whole school focus, fingers crossed this sparks a movement.”

Ella McGee – Taglin Trust School, Singapore

“I was completely unaware just how common ADHD was in our society. It opened my eyes to things I never understood.”

Gloria Mann, Liverpool

“As a Head of Faculty in a secondary school, I now feel more confident in supporting my team to meet the needs of students with ADHD.”

Alison McWatt, Liverpool College

“The course helped me to identify strategies that I could use to benefit the students whom I support.”

Ray Urwin, Gosforth Academy, Newcastle

“I now feel that I can train teachers about ADHD back in my school and offer more practical help to parents.”

Liz Jermy, SENCO, Wrexham

“I thought I knew everything about ADHD and then I did this course… inspirational.”

Alison Keen, St Marys Catholic College, Wirral

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