The ADHD Foundation Needs Your Support!

The ADHD Foundation is asking for your support so we can improve access to public services for children and adults with ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, Developmental coordination disorder, Tourette’s, and Sensory Integration Difficulties.

What Is The Project?

The project plans to create a Register/Platform, similar to what was done for the MS population, which will gather information UK wide on all ND conditions. It will explore available treatments, service provision, patient experience, accessibility, the diagnostic process, and so much more.

This research project is a crucial way to help improve research across all ND conditions, to help bridge the gap between the research and what people actually experience, and to give all people in the UK who have an ND condition a voice to help shape the future of their services.

At the ADHD Foundation we are patient led, and we know the difficulties so many of you experience accessing services, getting the right support, and feeling heard. This research project has the potential to shape the way people view ND conditions, and let you feel more involved.

A message from our CEO, Dr Tony Lloyd:

How to take part:

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