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The ADHD Screening Service is a comprehensive screen used to support a diagnosis, comprising of the QbTest, ADHD Rating Scales, the Current View, and interview/discussion. This can be very helpful in determining if ADHD is present as the QbTest in particular is 87% valid and is an object measure of ADHD. This is not a diagnosis.

You can then request what we do with this information. For instance, if supportive and you have a consultant we can send the results to the consultant requesting that they continue on the ADHD pathway.

What is included?
Full screening – prior the appointment you will be sent questionnaires to complete. These are designed to create a more comprehensive picture.

What is the QbTest?
The QbTest is an objective testing system that simultaneously measures attention, impulsivity and motor activity, key indicators in helping formulate a diagnosis of ADHD. The results obtained by the test may be used to help form a better understanding of any cognitive and behavioural difficulties. If indicative of ADHD, we will discuss where you would like the results sending. The QbTest is not a diagnosis; it is a sophisticated screening tool which is used to support a diagnosis. Only a doctor can diagnose. The QbTest is recognised by health professionals and is used to give the consultants greater confidence when diagnosing as it is very accurate.

In order to receive a diagnosis, you or your child would still require going on the NHS ADHD pathway or be referred to a private consultant. While the QbTest is a fantastic tool which greatly assists in the diagnosis process, we cannot guarantee that it will speed up you or your child’s progression on the ADHD pathway.

Interview and results discussion – At the appointment we will complete additional questionnaires, and the results of the QbTest will also be discussed.

Total Price?

Where is the appointment and how long will it take?
Appointments take 1 hour 30 minutes, and takes place at the ADHD Foundation in Liverpool City Centre.

Information Brochure and Leaflets

Contact Rachel Keeton (our Neurodiversity Clinic Manager) at or call on 0151 541 9020.

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