Ned Hallowell, Leading U.S ADHD Specialist

“I had the great pleasure of attending a conference in Liverpool sponsored by the ADHD Foundation, Britain’s leading organization dedicated to neurodiversity, which of course includes ADHD and dyslexia, both of which I have myself. I was thrilled to see the enormous progress the Brits have made on this front. Now, under the dynamic leadership of Tony Lloyd and the great team he’s put together, the foundation offers screening, testing, and treatment, as well as massive public education, symbolized by the Umbrella campaign. It was wonderful to look up and see these multi-colored umbrellas, hanging like Mary Poppins’s favorite form of transport should do, symbolizing triumph, joy, freedom and creativity for all the world to share. Freedom at last for the tens of millions who’ve been shackled by misunderstanding, ignorance, and stigma for centuries.”

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